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My Human Pet Excerpt:

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

My master wakes me up when he comes in. I assume he’s off-duty now. I don’t know what he says, but at the sound of his voice, I open my eyes.

I sit up, and then I swear he calls to me in his alien language, and I know it and go to him, naked. All the while thinking This is ridiculous. But he’s pleased, pats my head and looks at me so adoringly.

After petting me, he just looks at me for a few seconds, then he points to himself and says something and then points to me.

I finally figure out he is telling me his name or how to say ‘master’ or something.

I say the word “Seb.”

He’s genuinely thrilled with me now and he keeps pointing to me.

As I’m his pet, I assume he would give me a name, but it seems like he actually wants my real name, so I point to myself, “Ensley.”

He repeats my name, making sure.

He has an accent when he says my name because he’s putting the stress on the wrong syllable. But I find the way he says my name charming. A thought then occurs to me, Maybe I’m meant to be a pet and it’s my true destiny. But I shoo that thought away, No, I’m a feminist. I’m just making do the best I can in this alien abduction situation.

I point to myself again, “Ensley”. And then point to him and say, “Seb.”

My master, Seb, seems elated by this little linguistic exchange and begins merrily talking in a wild burst of alien language that I don’t comprehend, but he uses my name a few times and looks delighted. So I smile back.

Seb quickly dresses me in the clothing I had been wearing before and then puts my leash on and begins leading me out. I wonder where we are going. But soon enough, we are in what I supposed is the ship’s sickbay. There are what looks like doctors, injured grey aliens, and medical things. I definitely don’t want to go in. I don’t even like doctors on Earth. I’m absolutely not going into an alien medical center willingly. I stand my ground at the entrance and pull back on my leash.

Seb is having none of this. He simply says something in his alien language, picks me up and carries me in.

I try to crawl on down his back, but he holds on to me tightly so I can’t get away. I feel the vibration of him speaking to someone, and then he lays me down on a medical bed and holds me there.

Another alien is looking over me. He’s speaking in the alien language, but surprisingly he uses my name too. Then he begins running a machine over me with a light.

I’m scared.

I look up at Seb and say his name and nothing more. I don’t want any alien jelly put in my mouth like last time.

Seb pats my head and makes a sharp ‘Zzz’ sound, which I assume must just be the reassuring sound in his language. Then he and the doctor speak to each other over me.

I try to get up and get away, I don’t like being in the medical center, but Seb takes me and holds me to him again. This makes me feel somewhat safe. He isn’t going to let the doctor do any crazy medical experiments on me. Soon we are walking out, and when we get a reasonable distance from the medical center, Seb puts me down and leads me by my leash again.

As we walk, I hope we are going back to his quarters, but soon I realize that we aren’t. We are walking towards a door I recognize. It’s a door that takes us off the ship. Again, I don’t want to go, and I begin verbally saying, “No,” and shaking my head, which I know he understands. I don’t want to be traded to someone else. I want to stay with him. I know he doesn’t understand my words, but I keep trying to tell him, “No, I want to stay here with you. Seb, please. Don’t sell me.”

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Olympia Black
Olympia Black
Apr 09, 2020
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