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Why Olympia Black is Mentioned in “They Cloned Tyrone”?? (Olympia Black Answers)

Lately I began to receive a lot of messages and emails asking me why I’m mentioned in the Netflix movie, “They Cloned Tyrone.”

To be honest, I have no relationship with the filmmakers or Netflix, but I could hope that someone along the way was inspired by my science fiction books about humanity’s relationship with aliens, technology, and AI and what our governments might really be up to.

But it was a bit surreal to Google, "Why is Olympia Black mentioned in 'They Cloned Tyrone'?" And see so much speculation about me and my books.

Here’s the first explanation I found when I Googled it:

Nixon describes himself as "mall security" — he is not the man in charge, but he holds some authority. Ready to end this, Tyrone pulls a gun on Nixon. Nixon says, "Olympia Black," giving him the power to manipulate both Tyrone and Sick Charles. "Olympia Black," as it turns out, is the code phrase used to control all clones.

Who is Olympia Black, and what does she have to do with any of this? There is a real-life Olympia Black, a Science Fiction author who writes stories about humanity's relationship with aliens and artificial intelligence. By definition, the clones are neither aliens nor AI, but they're not far from it. One can imagine that somewhere along the way, one of the people in charge of these operations read a few of Black's short stories and saw the work that was being done as mere observations of the human condition.

Then the Google hits go on with more speculation about me, my books, science fiction, aliens, AI, technology, and, of course, cloning.

Thank you for all the messages. It’s always great to hear from readers.

Soon I’ll be releasing another book, “My Wild Pet.” Watch this space.

All my best,




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